We’re located at 120 Woodriff St, Penrith
Open Monday – Friday, 7am – 6pm

Welcome to Penrith Early Learning Centre

A sun smart, fully licensed and accredited centre with qualified educators.

We are open from 7am to 6pm all year round, providing full-time and occasional care for babies and children aged 0-6 years.

Our difference is our boutique personalised service. Hear from some of our parents.

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Our Purpose

Helping families


Our Mission

To give children the power to be capable and confident learners. By developing Australia’s most inclusive network of PELC communities.

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“If a child cant learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn”

Ignacio Estrado

Passionately professional

We believe that your child is a capable learner, we empower children to be competent decision-makers by creating a child centred curriculum. Educators foster children’s growth and development by building on children’s interest, needs and strengths within a safe and caring environment. Our service provides a flexible and unhurried routine that allows for children to make choices about decisions that affect them while educators support children’s independence, self help and agency.

Everyone matters

Our educators initiate warm, trusting and reciprocal relationships with children, families and communities. Educators support children to build positive relationships through social competence, and the ability to interact with others with care, empathy and respect. We ensure communication is supportive, respectful and responsive. Our service practices many forms of communication and are inclusive to all families needs. We build strong, collaborative relationships with families and encourage you to share information and experiences that can be used to support children’s learning and wellbeing.

Loving environment

We use our environment as the third teacher. Creating an open-ended environment where children can learn as they discover, create, improvise and imagine. We endeavour to ensure children understand the importance of their world around them by providing a variety of mediums; processed, natural and recycled materials. Our educators encourage sustainable practices. We see ourselves as a part of your community we offer our setting as a hub for families and support children to be active participants in their local community through excursions.

Children’s safety first

As responsive educators, our philosophy allows children to initiate and direct their own play with the support of interested and responsive educators who recognise spontaneous teachable moments and use them to build on your child’s learning. Our centre cook supports all children’s dietary needs such as allergies and cultural preferences. We understand children’s emerging language may affect their behaviour. We look out for each child’s needs and support children to treat others with care, empathy and respect. Our children learn a lot from messy play, but our centre is pristine as we keep a strict cleaning schedule.

Our Values

  • We use open and honest communication
  • We are respectful
  • We are diverse
  • We are here to help
  • We say thank you
  • We do what we say
  • We are family
  • We are growing together
  • We are deliberate not desperate
  • We are passionate
  • We love what we do
  • We focus on impact and over deliver on value
  • We get things done and focus on results
  • We are resilient
  • We are quick to respond
  • We are reflective
  • We value safety
  • We are purposeful
  • We do everything with meaning

Hear from some of our happy parents

Friendly Service that makes you feel welcomed and at home

“All the educators at this facility are friendly, knowledgeable and show keen interest in each child. They always seem to be working to support the children in their growth and development. As a first time mum with a young baby I feel at ease knowing that my baby is well cared for”

– Madeline Wolfe

Friendly Service that makes you feel welcomed and at home

“My niece attends this child care, and all I can say is that they are amazing. The staff and directors are all so caring and nurturing. She is always coming home with excitement about the great day she had at school. (They even helped with toilet training her)! Thank you Penrith Early Learning Centre, you are doing a great job!!!”

– Laura Albertin

Friendly Service that makes you feel welcomed and at home

“My daughter has been going to this centre for over 2yrs, I have never had any issues with them. She is always so exciting to go there and has excelled so much since being there. The bonds she has with her teachers is very touching and helps me know im leaving her with amazing ladies. I find they are very informative to what is going on at the centre and it is a very professional safe environment.”

– Amber Marks

Friendly Service that makes you feel welcomed and at home

“Every day they have new learning opportunities. PELC keeps you involved in the engagements at the service and show involvement with helping the community. They are more than happy to help with my daughters extra requirements that she needs. I feel no stress while my child is attending. I know she is safe and happy.”

– Lauren

Highly Recommended!

“We’ve been involved with the centre for around 5 years now and have found the place amazing- interactive,caring, diverse-our girls love their ‘daycare days’! From attending as babies to current days, our girls are very lucky to have p.e.l.c in their lives, learning programmes are top rate.”

– Amelia Patsky

Seriously the best daycare ever!

“I have to thank you guys for how amazing you all are there, especially with Everlie in the mornings. I always recommend this place, I refuse to pull Everlie out when we moved areas because I would not trust anyone else with her.”

– Brooke Sterling