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Staff Testimonials

“Penrith Early Learning Centre has taught me lot about our values and what we stand for towards families now and future as well as the children. PELC provides me with so much support and patience in my study, daily tasks with hands on training at the same time. This centre honestly supports families in all different ways about each child and in needing times when parents need assists. PELC makes coming to work easy because of how much care and love everyone gives to the children day-to-day. PELC invites everyone with welcoming arms because everyone matters with an open loving environment and safety of the children been put first. PELC is such a great community to be around and be involved in that our values are so true and right in what we give to everyone who walks through those doors. Children are put first with love, respect, family and support to become who they will be and PELC really shows all of it in their work.”

– Emily M

“I have been at PELC since 2015, and I am proud to have progressed successfully through my career under the mentorship from a supportive and quality community of educators. PELC’s open approach has instilled trust and confidence in my ability to provide quality care and education. I love being a part of something larger and working alongside a team who as a collective have the same core value system and are passionate about supporting children to be capable and confident learners”

– Alicia

“When I first begun my journey as an early childhood educator, I was still finding what I wanted to do and who I wanted to become. PELC have shown me a deeper, more meaningful understanding of who I am, and what I am meant to be doing. Childcare is no longer just my job, it is my career, my dream and my passion. I have been granted endless opportunities and built strong relationships that have supported me to strive to be the best educator I can be. The passion and dedication that each and every educator at PELC has can not be described. I feel honoured and blessed to be apart of the PELC family. And that is why I love PELC. “

– Sommer