At PELC, we believe in collaborative relationships with families to ensure high quality care and education for your child.

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The first step to our enrolment process is booking a tour at the service.

A tour is your first interaction with our service. A tour can be conducted within the service, adhering to our COVID-19 policy guidelines, or you are also able to book a virtual tour of the service, through a zoom conference.

On the tour you will meet our team, we will provide you information about our philosophy, and answer all your questions.

We encourage you to have your child accompany you on the tour so they are also able to get a feel for our enviroment.

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If our philosophies align, and you have completed the online enrolment, it is time for your child to experience PELC.

Orientation gives you an insight into our service and what we have to offer. It is conducted from 8am to 12pm and is free of charge. On your arrival you will meet with your child’s educators and go through information about your child: such as their routine, interests, goals, and what outcome you would like to receive from our care. We ask that you please allow thirty minutes for this process. You will then receive updates through Kinderloop about your child’s day. Orientation gives your child an opportunity to begin to form meaningful relationships with their educators and peers. Your child will engage in our curriculum and start to understand the gentle cues that we employ throughout the day. Orientation helps our educators support your child’s transition from home so it can be as smooth as possible. In line with this, our team will be able to identify if there is a need for a more individual approach to orientation moving forward.

Your child’s first day

The first day at PELC marks a beautiful journey for all involved. The first day is a new experience and many emotions may occur. Our staff will support you and your child through these transitions as you all adjust to this big change.

What should I bring?

Packing your child’s bag will be individualised to the age group of your child. We ask that families provide their child with a water bottle, spare weather-appropriate clothing, and bedding (cot sheet and blanket). Please ensure all your child’s belongings in clearly labelled.

Crunch and Sip – We encourage you to supply your child with one piece of fruit or vegetable cut up and labelled in a container. Crunch and Sip promotes healthy eating and discussions amongst the children as well as support’s our curriculum through our school readiness transition.

In response to our Coronavirus policy, Children’s belongings are located in regularly sanitised lockers in the foyer of the service.

What time should I bring my child to PELC?

Dropping of your child at the time you will typically arrive on a regular day will begin to form a gentle cue for your child.

We ask where possible that you arrive at the service before 9:30am this will ensure you child is receiving the full feel of our curriculum.

Adhering to COVID-19 policy, your child’s temperature will be taken upon arrival at the service and they will be provided with a visual cue to remind them to wash their hands. Following this they will then take part in the special arrival routine that we have developed to help reduce separation anxiety.

Child care teacher reading book to children
Child playing in sandbox at Penrith child care centre

How do I say Goodbye?

On the way to the service, speak to your child about what is happening today, and provide them with reassurance that you will pick them up for example “after afternoon tea”, giving your child a visual time line. Once you are at the service, we encourage “quick transitions”, we have designed our foyer to assist with morning transitions. A “quick transition” means having your child sign in, giving them a cuddle and kiss, reassuring your child once more that you will be picking them up “after afternoon tea”, and then being on your way. Our staff will support you and your child through these transitions as you all adjust to this big change.

Adhering to our Coronavirus policy arrival and departure is being conducted at the service foyer one family at a time with an educator transitioning your child. We ask you employ the same gentle cue: a cuddle and kiss, reassuring your child you are picking them up “after afternoon tea”, and then being on your way.

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