Child Centred

Our curriculum is planned and implemented with the focus on children learning through play. Educators use a holistic approach to teaching practices.

Observations visible on OWNA gather and analyse information based on current knowledge, skills, abilities, culture, strengths and interest.

We recogonise children’s voices. It allows us to capture the child’s ideas, intentions, their learning strategies and learning goals.

We use our environment as the third teacher. This allows our curriculum to be flexible and open ended to provide for changes initiated by children and educators working together.

Educators use the information gathered to plan our curriculum and create a rich environment to spark children’s curiosity and desire to explore, experiment and create ensuring a range of choices are made available to children both indoors and outdoors.

Consistent curriculum reflection on and evaluation is guiding practice decision making and adjustments to the environment.

Environment is our third teacher

In a supportive active learning environment, children who are confident and involved learners are increasingly able to take responsibility for their own learning; personal regulation and contribution to the social environment, Connections and continuity between learning experience’s in different settings make learning more meaningful and increase children’s feelings of belonging.

The environment is engaging and fosters a sense of ownership some characteristics include interesting things, open-ended materials, a balance of experiences, flexible access, recycling and repurposing, the familiar and the novel.

The environment promotes each child’s sense of agency, encourages children to make choices, supports children to feel secure, includes displays of children’s work and allows children work in progress to be preserved.

We value family input

Educator’s encourage families to contribute ideas, interest and questions to the learning environment. They can support engagement by allowing time for meaningful interactions, by providing a range of opportunities for individual and shared experiences and by finding opportunities for children to go into and contribute to their community.

School Readiness

It start’s the moment you walk through our door.

We empower children to be confident and capable learners. We focus on building children’s agency, emotional wellbeing, social development while embedding literacy and numeracy throughout our environment supporting children to reach their learning outcomes.