Our Story

PELC was born out of a vision to nurture and enrich the growth of young minds by fostering connection, embracing learning and developing resilience. Our mission is to inspire children to grow with confidence and thrive during the most important shaping years of their lives, by providing an early education environment in which they feel safe, they belong and are valued.

Our experienced team of inspired educators value the importance of building collaborative relationships with families, to ensure these fundamental needs are met for all children entrusted in our care. We celebrate the vital role families play in their child’s learning journey – that is why we engage parents and carers to share in and contribute to the children’s ongoing development.


We embrace the principles of active learning, where children are immersed in an early education environment which encourages imagination and creativity by embracing discovery, improvisation and simulated techniques of learning.

Underpinned by the Early Years Learning Framework, our curriculum and programs provide children with a safe and interactive way to explore the world around them and develop a growth mindset.


We know that the environment in which young minds are nurtured in powerfully shapes the way children grow into thriving adults. That is why we pride ourselves on providing a supporting environment that is home to the care of children with an individualised approach that recognises that each child has unique needs.